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A Microsoft 365 Administrator can enable the permissions for Microsoft Teams integration features by clicking this link:

Manage Microsoft Teams integration and telephony device endpoints:

configuration settings devices


Microsoft Teams

Enable Microsoft Teams integration features:

configuration settings device microsoft teams


Teams Availability in Presence

To view the status of co-workers Microsoft Teams Availability in the Presence window, enable "Use for presence"

teams availability in presence

If beta features have been enabled in your access code "Uses beta Graph API" will be displayed – this refers to the Microsoft Outlook Calendar based "Out of Office" status only. All other Teams availability states are released.

See "User Availability Status" for further details.


Allow calls to be made

Enables calls to be placed through Microsoft Teams, provided there is a direct routing capability enabled within the Teams user account.

configuration settings devices allow calls

When "Teams" is selected as the Preferred Device, any telephone number to be dialed by KPN ÉÉN is passed to Microsoft Teams to complete the call:

preferred device teams call

See "Preferred Device" for further details.


Publish "In a call" state to Teams

If beta features have been enabled in your access code, this beta Graph API feature will be displayed. This function enables KPN ÉÉN to change the Teams availability status to "In a call" when the user is on an active telephone call through the Telephone system.

publish in a call state setting


Enable chat through Teams

Select to enable the option to open Teams chat conversations directly from the KPN ÉÉN presence window

enable chat through teams

See "Slide out menu" for further details.

Note: To enable the Teams integration features, the following setup must be performed by the Global Administrator. Business or school user accounts are required-personal accounts are not supported.

Login with your Microsoft account using the App Registration window:

outlook sign in window

Review and authorize the permissions window:

outlook sign in permission window

Note: "Consent on behalf of your organization" must be selected.

Global Administrators may view the full list of permissions for "Integrator" at:


Device Endpoints

Displays all available devices associated with the user profile which can be renamed, enabled or disabled as required:

Device endpoints window

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